Sulphide Marbles

Referred to as “figure marbles” these marbles have a small white figure inside a clear glass marble (can be translucent greens, blues, ambers, etc. but in these colors they are very rare.) The figure is usually an animal, like a rabbit, dog, cat, cow, etc. but can also be human, or a religious icon. This charming class of marbles are normally large, and are very collectable. In the early days of the hobby some mistakenly believed the figure inside was made of sulfur, thus the name now in use. The material is actually porcelain, capable of being heated to the same temperature as the molten glass, which surrounded the figure during manufacturing. Figure marbles were manufactured in Germany from the mid 19th century into the early years of the 20th century.

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Sam Hogue 185 467 Signed Sam Hogue 07 Fox Sulphide Y Marb 38 315655
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2091m Vintage German Frog Sulphide Marble 155 Inches Near Mint
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Antique Sulphide Marble Standing Dog 1 11 16
Time Remaining: 2d 17h 50m
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2124m Vintage German Sulphide Marble Eagle 167 Inches Near Mint Minus
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10di Vintage German Sulphide Marble With Unknown Animal 151 Inches Polished
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2 Marble Joe St Clair Kewpie Doll Sulphide Marble
Time Remaining: 2d 22h 38m
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Large 3D Laser etched Statue of Liberty marble Sulphide like
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Vintage Marble Lot 13 1 MONKEY SULPHIDE MARBLE excellent condition
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BABY DOLL Bisque Porcelain Sulphide Figure for Marbles and Paperweights
Time Remaining: 3d 13h 44m

Large SQUIRREL Bisque Porcelain Sulphide Figure for Marbles and Paperweights
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Antique German Sulphide Marble w Horse Figure Large Size Rare
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Antique German Sulphide Marble with Owl Figurine 1 5 8 diameter
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EXTREMELY RARE Antique Cherub Head with Wings Sulphide Marble
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Antique Handmade German Bear Sulphide Marble Very Old 155
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2 1 4 Marble Charles Gibson White Girl Turtle Sulphide
Time Remaining: 4d 22h 35m
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Vintage German Sulphide 1 3 4Marble With a Full Figured Pig Inside
Time Remaining: 5d 23h 23m

MARBLES TOYSANTIQUE Rooster SULPHIDE 1 1 2+ German MID 1800s ExCon 9+ w GP
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Antique 19ThC 1 3 4 Sulphide Lion Marble
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2 Marble Andy Davis Tomato Worm Painted Sulphide
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