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MF Christensen Marbles

The M.F. Christensen & Son Company operated in Akron, Ohio, from 1904 until 1917. Martin Christensen patented the first marble-making machine. Many M.F. Christensen marbles are transitional, because the glass was gathered by a punty and dripped by hand over the rotating machine. The machinery rounded the marble. M.F. Christensen machines did not have the automatic feed systems. The molten glass had to be hand-fed off a punty into the machinery. Later M.F. Christensen marbles do not have pontils. (Read more below listings)
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5 8 MF Christensen Sons Marble Peach Swirl 9 Inside 9 Or Open Eye
Time Remaining: 8h 17m

Vintage Peltier M F Christensen Cobalt Blue Base Transitional Swirl Marble
Time Remaining: 11h 26m
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Antique MF Christensen Clear Slag 21 32 Goddess Jade Marbles
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11 16 MF Christensen Amber Slag Marble In Mint condition With 9
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m f christensen Handgathered Amber Slag Marble W 9 685 Nm
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Marbles Rare Nr Mint Stunning MF Christensen 3 4 Transparent Deep Purple Slag
Time Remaining: 2d 11h 34m
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15 16 MF Christensen Sons Oxblood Slag In Mint Condition
Time Remaining: 2d 12h 26m

Vintage Peltier M F Christensen Deep Blue Base Onyx Kokomo Swirl Ribbon Marble
Time Remaining: 2d 15h
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M F Christensen Marble 9 and Tail Slag Marbles Brown Shooter 3 4 NrMINT+
Time Remaining: 2d 15h 27m

MF Christensen Son Co Amber White Slag Marble 5 8 Mint
Time Remaining: 2d 15h 44m

7 8 in M F Christensen Blue Slag Mint With 9 Tall
Time Remaining: 3d 4h 12m

MF Christensen Son Co Amber White Slag Marble 5 8 Wet Mint
Time Remaining: 3d 8h 52m
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MF Christensen OXBLOOD BRICK Wet Mint
Time Remaining: 3d 13h 29m
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Superb MF Christensen 2 Color Swirl Marble Vintage Super Colors
Time Remaining: 3d 14h 57m

m f christensen Handgathered Green Slag Marble W 9 610 Mint
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 25m

MF Christensen Sons CAC Marble Peach Hand Gathered Swirl 9 19 32 Or 61
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 30m

M F Christensen Marble Opaque Early Rare Robins Egg Single Color 685 Slag 5 8
Time Remaining: 3d 15h 52m
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MF Christensen CAC Transitional Marble Pin Point Pontil 5 8 Or 63 Look
Time Remaining: 3d 16h 18m

MF Christensen American Swirl Hand gathered Marble 710
Time Remaining: 3d 17h 16m
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This is probably due to refinements in the glass temperature and timing, rather than improvements in the machinery. It is not known if the company ever developed automatic feed or shearing mechanisms.

M.F. Christensen marbles are strictly single-stream marbles. They are either single-color opaque or two-color slag or swirl. This is because the glass for a particular batch was all mixed in one furnace pot and not the separate streams used by later manufactures. Interestingly, there do not appear to be any M.F. Christensen & Son Company marbles the exhibit a distinctive set of three colors. The company seems to have confined itself to marbles of only one or two colors.


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