The Hobby of Marble Collecting

The Hobby of Marble Collecting

Most people have a hobby he or she likes and these hobbies can vary from person to person. While for one person the hobby may be writing poetry or short stories, for another it may be some sort of craft or painting, while others love to collect stamps, pottery or rare paintings. Yes, collecting items of aesthetic value is a hobby for many and marble collecting, you would be surprised to know, is a hobby fondly pursued by many kids and adults, only it is not as popular as some other hobbies, especially in the past two decades.

Marbles are usually collected by those who have an eye for aesthetics or beauty and a love for the quirky. Have you ever held up a glass marble in the sun and looked at it? If you do, you would find the marble glistening in the sun and radiating multiple colors in rainbow hues like a glass prism.

Collecting marbles affords a lot of fun and proves to be a rewarding experience for all who pursue it, and if you start collecting marbles, you will soon fall in love with these shiny glassy beauties. Not only are marbles head-turning beauties, they sport lovely patterns, a myriad of designs with multiple hues; there are marbles in different composition materials; they are available in many different sizes and motifs. No wonder then that people also love to collect marbles instead of just treating them as nice playthings.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that in the early 20th century, in the pre-war eras, young boys loved to collect marbles and played with them as well. Marble collecting as a hobby was very popular at that period and most of the antique marble collections that you get to see in antique marble shops or antique stores and in antique and marble shows are actually collections of marbles owned by these early 20th century boys which have since passed away. Often these end up in an estate auction and are purchased by antique dealers.

There's a story attached with every marble and if a child picks up marble collection as a hobby, it could prove profitable for him because he will get to know a lot about foreign cultures and the history of various countries as well as his own. This insight into the past history and culture can go a long way to teaching a child about life in other places and times.

To start off with the hobby of marble collecting, you first need to read up and gather knowledge about marbles, their different types, their histories, how to stock up on resources, where to collect marbles and learn the places from where you can collect marbles of your choice. The best place to brush up your knowledge about marbles is the internet. You can join forums and groups on the internet where you can meet many likeminded people and marble collectors who can help you out with tips, suggestions, resources and their own experiences while pursuing this rewarding hobby.

There are countless articles on the internet, in places like websites, article directories, e-books, e-magazines, etc. You can also find books in libraries where you can read up about marbles and their types. Your forum friends and fellow group members who are more knowledgeable can also answer your queries for you. You can also take practical lessons by hanging around in antique stores, marble stores and toy shows and by visiting toy stores or browsing through pictures on marble websites like

The online marble stores have a huge display of pictures of the marbles they are trying to sell and many interesting details and trivia are inked beside the pictures. Even going through these pictures would help you learn about the various types of marbles available. The reason why sufficient prior knowledge and research on marbles is so vital is because without this, you won’t be able to differentiate between the ultra common marbles and the more valuable marbles and the ones which have antique worth with a lot of history to enhance its appeal. Some of these antiques can fetch astronomical amounts in the market and are collectors’ favorites.

It is very difficult to tell one from another by just looking at these marbles. Unless you have thorough knowledge about these circular beauties, their similarities and designs and patterns will leave you stumped. Before heading straight to marble stores and antique shops, you first have to decide on which type of marbles you actually desire. It will also safeguard you against frauds because surely you don’t want to purchase a few cents’ worth of marbles for $400 or sell off antique marbles worth $7000 at $100!

There are different types of marbles such as cats’ eye, onionskin, sulphide, oxbloods, agates, handmade spirals, art glass marbles, Christiansen Swirl, Akro Corkscrew marbles, clay marbles, ribbon, hand crafted marbles, machine made marbles etc.

When you start your hobby of marble collecting you will find that while some marbles are extremely cheap – these are mainly toys and aimed at kids, other marbles are really costly and collectors’ favorites can set you back hundreds of dollars.

To initiate you to the hobby of marble collecting, I would advise that you pick up a few marble books from Read and learn everything you can about the different types of marbles and how much their worth. Then with that knowledge you can now start to put together a great marble collection.


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